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Students Celebrate Next Step
and Don White Coats

The Class of 2014 listens to Dr. John Dodam, chairman of the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, as he welcomes them to their clinical training.
Briana Kaiser pins her husband, Zach Kaiser, with the Missouri Veterinary Medical Association lapel pin after the ceremony.
Dr. Neil C. Olson, CVM Dean, congratulates the Class of 2014 at the 11th Annual White Coat Ceremony.
Billy Kowalski receives his white laboratory coat from mentor, Dr. Kathy Fauth.


Members of the MU College of Veterinary Medicine Class of 2014 took the next step in their careers Oct. 14, 2012 at the Missouri Theater. The steps taken that afternoon at the 11th Annual White Coat Ceremony, symbolized each student’s transition in learning; the transition from classroom education to hands-on clinical training.  As each of the 110 students crossed the stage to receive their white laboratory coat, they were greeted by friends, family and CVM faculty.

The students chose a family member, mentor or friend to present and assist in putting on their coat. According to the American Medical Student Association, physicians started wearing white coats in 1889 which symbolized professionalism, purity of intent and seriousness of purpose.

The White Coat Ceremony marked the midpoint in the students’ professional curriculum. The first two years of preclinical training included basic science studies in anatomy, physiology, cell and molecular biology, pathology, pharmacology, microbiology, virology and toxicology. The students also learned fundamentals in clinical disciplines including, anesthesiology, clinical pathology, radiology, public health and medicine and surgery.

Approximately the next two years of their education involves spending working at the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital in the Small Animal, Food Animal and Equine clinics, as well as undertaking preceptorships in private practices or with public agencies on their way to completing their DVM degrees.

Dr. Neil Olson, CVM Dean, congratulated the class members, and told the class they are now closer to finishing their DVM education than when they first started.  Dr. John Dodam, chairman of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery Department told the class, although they may be finished with multiple choice tests, the next tests will involve their patient’s lives. Dr. Ron Cott, director of Development and associate dean of Student and Alumni Affairs, read the Veterinarian’s Oath to remind the class that they will live their professional life by these words.

Class President Nate Feyerabend provided the response on behalf of the class. He offered his sincere thanks to family, friends, faculty and staff. Feyerabend said to his classmates, “Congratulations. I feel like we’ve really become a family.”


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