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Important IT Information for New & Current Students

College Network Information

Each member of the College has storage space available on the network. When logging on to CVM computers, this space should automatically be connected. The IT office can assist in configuring other methods of access to this storage as well.

Personal Network Space: Located on W:\ **This is PRIVATE storage, accessible only by you.**

Drop boxes for everyone in the college to share files: S:\CVM\User-Dropboxes (listed lastname,firstname) **This is PUBLIC storage accessible by anyone in the College.**

Volatile Drive: V:\ This is unprotected space which is not backed up and which is made available as temporary storage that everyone in the College has access to. Good for large images and / or movies, etc. on a short-term basis. This space may be cleaned up without warning, so please make sure that this is not the only place you have copies of the files stored here.

Common Shared Space for Students: S:\CVM\Students

ID Card Access: Your CVM ID badge has been programmed to grant you building/room access to all allowed areas based on academic year designation; additional access will be granted with proper approval. For identification purposes, your badge should be worn at all times when on the CVM Campus. Broken and/or damaged badges (and clips) are replaced FREE of charge--please note: the old badge must be exchanged for the new one. Also, ONE lost badge will be replaced FREE of charge during your educational career. You will be charged $10.00/per badge for any additional lost badge replacements. In either case a temporary badge will be issued for up to a week before a new badge will be ordered. Contact Stephanie Bossaller for all ID needs in W-234 Vet. Med. Bldg., via e-mail at or call (573) 884-4367.

Histology Lab, Computer Lab, and Testing Rooms: Outside of these rooms calendars are posted weekly that show what is scheduled for those rooms. Please do not enter these rooms when they are closed for exams and other special events. Please read instructional signs posted on the doors of these rooms before you enter them.

Need Computer Help? Want To Reserve Equipment?
If you need to reserve CVM-IT equipment or want to report a computer problem, just send e-mail to or call (573) 884-2020 (Personnel are in the office W-234 Vet. Med. Bldg. from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. The CVM-IT office is closed on University observed holidays).

Problems with a computer? Identify the Device ID (located on the “Device Malfunctioning” Label found on the computer case), give a brief description of the problem, your first and last name, and the building/room the computer is located in.

Reservations of digital cameras, projectors, or laptops and tablet PCs
We have several checkout laptops available. There is a 3 workday limit on all checks-outs. Data will be removed from the check-out equipment once returned.
We also have blank CDs and DVDs media available for purchase.

Preceptorships & Jobs Database :
You can access preceptorship & job opportunities via the web. The address is: or from the CVM web site ( click on Current Students and then on Preceptorships and Jobs.

Below are College E-mail Distribution Lists You Can Send E-mail to:

CVMMailFilter: Send official college business here and messages will be forwarded to the appropriate groups. Please be sure to include a subject line for your intended audience. Also include at the top of the text body of the message who you want the message to go to and any other special instructions, these will be removed when the message is sent to the targeted audience. We reserve the right to make changes to attachments due to size constraints, make changes to content due to policy, and refusal to forward a message that is not deemed official college business.

MU CVM ClassNN: Mail specifically for your entire class where "NN" is the last two digits of your expected graduation year.

MU CVM Students: Includes all Classes, Ross, and St. George Students (if this address is used the individual class email address should not be used)

TO POST ITEMS: For Sale/Rent; Lost/Found, etc. please do so at click on Current Students and then on CVM Community Classifieds Board.

To Change your PawPrint Password:

Files Needed to Access CVM Resources at Home:

Calendars: Important CVM calendars are located at in the Calendars section.

Please be reminded that Food, Drink, and Animals are NOT allowed in the Histology or Computer Lab rooms.

At no time should the Histology or Computer Lab doors be propped open.


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