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Prospective Students

Characteristics of the Average Student in the MU College of Veterinary Medicine

2013 Incoming Class Characteristics:

2012-2013 Applicant Statistics
Applicant Demographics Qualified Missouri Residents Qualified Non-Missouri Residents
Total 131 807
Men 31 154
Women 100 652
Overall GPA 3.55 3.54


Total applicants were 938

2012-2013 Entering Profile
Total 120
Men 26
Women 94
Average Age 23
Average ACT 28
Average cum. GPA 3.71
Average of Last Three Semesters GPA 3.73
From Undergraduate Ag Program 48
From Undergraduate Arts & Sci. Program 49
Raised in Farm Environment 24
Raised in Small Town Environment 28
Raised in Urban Environment 37
Raised in City Environment 31

Summary Profile of Individuals Accepted Into the Class of 2017

To give you some idea of the competitive nature of entry into a college of veterinary medicine, following is a profile of the latest MU College of Veterinary Medicine Class.

Total number of applicants - 938
Total number of Missouri applicants - 131
Total Pre Vet Med & Ag Scholars - 11
Number of non-Missouri applicants - 807
Number of eligible Missouri applicants - 113

Number of students who applied for the first time - 95
Number of students who applied twice - 21
Number of students who applied more than twice - 4

Number of students from Agriculture - 48
Number of students from Arts & Science - 49
Number of students from other majors and undeclared - 25

State Of Residency Other Than Missouri
Arkansas Indiana Nebraska Oklahoma Texas
California Iowa New Hampshire Pennsylvania Virginia
Colorado Louisiana New Jersey Rhode Island Wisconsin
Florida Massachusetts New York South Carolina West Virginia
Georgia Maryland North Carolina South Dakota
Illinois Michigan Ohio Tennessee

Number of women accepted - 94
Number of men accepted - 26

Number of accepted students with bachelor degrees - 102
Number of accepted students with no degrees - 14
Number of accepted students with masters degrees - 4

Number of accepted students from farm backgrounds - 24
Number of accepted students from small towns - 28
Number of accepted students from urban areas - 37
Number of accepted students from large cities - 31

Average GPA of accepted students - 3.71
Average age of accepted students - 23


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